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BonkBuddies is a site that caters for people who want to hook up with strangers in a fun, safe environment. Many cities can be tough to meet f-buddies in, as people don't wear signs saying 'I want a one night stand' (well most don't!). So many people end up trawling bars and clubs to meet people who look 'available'. But this can be a demoralising experience. This is where comes in handy. We offer a social community of people who all prefer the physical side of a relationship - with none of the strings. Join free today and meet a funbuddy near you!

Dating sites are a great way to meet people. But they sound like a bit of a drag don't they? All the messaging, and all the insecure people on there. But, adult dating websites offer a slight twist: everyone on the site wants nothing more than quick hookups. Sounds perfect! Many people either don't want a personal relationship or are unable to sustain one. But they miss the physical side of a relationship and can occasionally feel lonely. Adult contacts sites enable people to meet for no strings dates. You can browse through members in your local area and contact the ones you think are hot!

The trick to meeting women is to put yourself in situations where you engage in meaningful conversation with women in a relaxed environment. Sounds obvious doesn't it? But think about how often you actually do it... At your local bar or club? Well sometimes, but it's hit and miss isn't it. There's a reason that 62% of relationships start in the workplace or through a friend/family member. It's because this is where people feel safe to meet people. However, in recent years, the internet has become one of the leading sources of relationships, and the same applies to casual hookups. Online dating sites are a great place to meet women - and you'd be surprised how many women on them are keen for one night stands.

When you've found someone that takes your fancy it's time time to arrange the hookup. Some women prefer to meet for a drink before going back to your place or theirs', but some are straight to the point. A recent BonkBuddies male member told us of how he'd been chating to a woman on the site. He asked her to meet him and she agreed. But when he suggested they meet for a drink, she replied, 'ok, we can, but I'd rather you just came to my place.' He was shocked. We weren't - this is exactly the kind of woman BonkBuddies attracts!

Dirty women have an unfair repuation. Why is that when a man sleeps wiht many women he's a stud, but a woman who is promiscuous is labelled something nasty? We don't like the double standards, and in fact we love dirty women who sleep around. They make for great BonkBuddies! Naughty women are also far less work than more prudish women, who insist on playing games, and are pften hypocritical anyway: when they leave you, it's often for another man. They just are less honest about it! So, join today and meet dirty girls who want to enjoy a man's company...