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It's all about the dirty chat at BonkBuddies! We have a community of flirty adults looking to chat and meet for no strings fun. Join free today and start talking to naughty adults in your area!

BonkBuddies members are renowned as the dirtiest online daters around! They love a good flirt and they love talking dirty. It can be a lot of fun, and can often lead to a meetup. Many of our female members want instant no strings dates, but they still need to feel safe about meeting a new man, so naughty chat can be a great way to informally get to know each other and get each other hot under the collar.

One of the hottest topics of conversation (our members tell us!) is past steamy experiences. People get really turned on discussing what they've done with previous partners (unlike in the conventional dating world where this would be a massive argument-starter!). One member sent us the following story of her favourite no strings encounter:

'I was feeling quite lonely after the end of my marriage, and was quite frustrated as I am still pretty young - only 31. I met a guy on a night out with some friends and he showed a lot of interest in me. I was flattered and we went off from our friends and found a corner to chat. I was really aroused as hadn't been with a man for over a year, and I guess the drink went to my head. I suggested we pop outside. We went around the back of the club and he did me from behind in an alley. I loved it :)'

Ever tried webcam chat? It can be quite daunting the first time, particularly for women. But if you loosen up and go with it, it can be massively arousing. The important thing for the man to do is make the girl relax so she doesn't feel self-conscious - that way she'll be far dirtier! Many members at BonkBuddies chat in live private chat. Live chat allows for you to get personal in private and can be a lot of fun!