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BonkBuddy Testimonials

The great thing about is that our members love to tell us about their experiences on the site! Some are too adult in nature to post here, but some are definitely worth sharing. Read below some of our favourites...


Kelly, 29, ‘I am a very sensual person and need to be pleasured regularly. My ex-husband didn't seem to want to do it after a few years of marriage, so now I use BonkBuddies to meet men who are up for it. The most recent guy I met was a bit older than me but he kept me up all night - I loved it!’


Mary, 32, ‘I prefer casual relationships as they are more fun and less hassle. I joined BonkBuddies a few months ago and have met 3 men from the site. I chatted to them first on the site so felt ok about meeting them. I had a great time with them and still see them when I need to release some tension!’


Paul, 36, ‘What a website! Does exactly what it promises - loads of really fun women on here who don't want anything serious. Didn't believe they existed! Met a woman in the first week using the site and she was absolutely wild. I'll go back for more.'


Linda, 34, ‘My most recent encounter from the site was a real turn-on. I had been chatting to a guy from the site for a few days, and one night he asked me to meet him quite late. It was obviously a booty call, but I started getting excited. He picked me up and whilst we were driving to his place, I suggested we stop at the side of the road, as I couldn't wait. We did it in the back of the car three times and then he dropped me straight home. Couldn't ask for more ;) x'


Jim, 39, ‘I'm quite a shy person, so didn't know what to expect from the site. I chatted to a few women who lived near me, and they were really friendly and I relaxed a bit. The site has a real community spirit to it and is very non-threatening. I'm going to meet one of the women on the weekend, but already my confidence is much higher..’